Healthiest Chinese Dishes

Healthiest Chinese Dishes You Should Try

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Chinese dishes and foods are actually easy to find because Chinese restaurants are practically everywhere. Lots of people go to order their lunch or dinner at Chinese restaurant on regular basis.

Some even order a takeout so they can enjoy their favorite Chinese dishes at home. One important thing is that how can you know if what you order is good for you. Healthy diet is important to maintain your health. However, finding healthy Chinese dishes is not that hard.

Healthy Chinese dishes to enjoy

Chinese dishes are known for their delicious taste and healthy ingredients. Not to mention that they usually have their own cooking method to prepare their foods. If what you want is healthy Chinese dishes, here are several recommendation to be included in your list:

Healthiest Chinese Dishes
Healthiest Chinese Dishes

Liang Cai is translated into cold vegetable dish. It is popular Chinese dish. However, it is also considered healthy because the ingredients consist of an assortment of vegetables, peanuts, and tofu.

It is then served with a sauce. It resembles salad and perfect for those at idnplay poker  player who are on tight diet or those who are considered a vegetarian. Variety of vegetables included into this dish included lotus root, cucumber, green beans, and cabbage.

Healthiest Chinese Dishes
Healthiest Chinese Dishes

Liang Ban Dou Fu is a Chinese dish with the main ingredient is tofu. The tofu is served in a brick which makes its appearance looks more unique. The tofu will be put in the large plate with sauce of chili, oil, and sesame.

It is also topped some greens. This particular dish is also served with a serving of sliced pineapple and diced aloe vera. This side dish can refresh your mouth and sooth the spiciness from the tofu dish.

Healthiest chinese dishes with meat

Mutton Stew is actually one of traditional Chinese dishes particularly from the Xi’an people. This dish consists of mutton, beef or pork. There is also unleavened bread included that really soak up the flavor, making it more delicious.

Usually, this dish is served with pickled garlic and chili sauce. As you can see, Chinese foods often have pickled garlic as their side dish. This one particular food is also healthy especially for cardiovascular and digestive system.

Healthiest Chinese Dishes
Healthiest Chinese Dishes

Beef Noodle is also one of the most classic Chinese dish. In every country, there might be different name for this Chinese dish. It is actually a simple dish consisted of noddles topped with minced beef.

There is also a mixture of vegetables usually added to the topping. This simple dish taste delicious even without any additional sauce or soup. You can enjoy it as it is.

If you want to order healthy Chinese foods at Chinese restaurant, you can follow some tips. Order a dish with mixed or extra vegetables. Also, ask for light sauce if you want to order a dish with sauce.

If you want to choose healthy Chinese food, order the one that is steamed instead of fried. It is also recommended to order your dish with a small soup because it can help prevent you from over-eating. Ask for pickled garlic to increase your metabolism.

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