Traditional Chinese Dishes Deserve

Traditional Chinese Dishes Deserve A Try

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Traditional Chinese Dishes Deserve A Try. People around the world might have been so familiar with Chinese dishes. There are so many of them. Chinese restaurants are also everywhere so they are not hard to locate. There are many reasons why people love Chinese dishes. However, the Chinese foods you have seen today might be the more modern versions. Meanwhile, there are also lots of selection of traditional Chinese dishes which are also delicious made with special recipes from generations. Here are several traditional, classic Chinese dishes strongly recommended to try:

Traditional chinese vegetable dishes

Traditional Chinese Dishes DeserveTraditional Chinese Dishes Deserve
Traditional Chinese Dishes

Spinach noodles or Bo Cai Mian is a traditional Chinese dish originated from Xi’an. The special thing about this dish is that the noodles are self-made from scratch. They are handmade with ingredients not only flour but also spinach. Therefore, the color of the noodles is bright green. You can have your own serving topped with spicy tomato sauce. Other toppings are also included such as diced potato, carrots, beef, egg, and chili.

Yu Xiang Qie Zi is sweet and sour eggplant from China. Sliced eggplants are served in a bowl with thick sauce that taste sweet and sour. It is fish sauce added with some chilies that make this dish taste heavenly. You won’t really taste vegetable when having a bit. It tastes more like meat.

This dish is perfect for vegetarian as well as those who are on diet. This dish is light as well so it won’t make you too full. It is great for appetizer because the taste of sweet and sour from the sauce can really boost your appetite.

Traditional chinese soya bean dishes

Stinky Tofu is such a traditional food from China that has become so popular around the world due to its iconic characteristics. This tofu does stink and people who are not from China may find it disturbing to smell the strong aroma.

However, Chinese guarantee that the taste of this tofu is much better than the smell. Chinese often prepare this stinky tofu into various dish. It is usually accompanied with strong seasoning to mask the stinky aroma a bit.

Traditional chinese meat dishes

Traditional Chinese Dishes Deserve
Traditional Chinese Dishes

Kao Rou resembles skewer with how it is prepared and served. It is barbecue meat in China. However, the meat is heavily spiced with various spices and herbs. You can practically find this particular dish everywhere from restaurants to street food vendors.

The meat is cooked over burning coal just like skewer. The meat are being stabbed into the bamboo sticks before they are cooked. The meats are varied such as beef, pork, chicken, and lamb. Some locals even prefer gizzards and other extreme stuffs.

Rou Jia Mo is Chinese version of burger. This particular dish is also so classic in Chinese cuisine. The special thing about this Chinese burger is the homemade, stone-oven cooked bun.

It is stuffed with heavenly fillings consisted of braised pork. The process of making the filling takes time because the pork itself is left overnight and soak in various spices in larger pot. The main spices are cardamom and cloves.

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